5 Things to Consider - When Selecting A Rose For Your California Landscape

1. Location and Space – The size of the rose you can grow depends on the amount of space you can devote to it. Grandifloras are perfect for areas with lots of space where Floribundas or Hybrid Tea roses are a good fit for areas that are smaller or simply limited in space such as patios, balconies, and container gardens. Perhaps you have an area that could use a little extra height – 36” Tree Roses are always stunning.

2. Climate – Climate can always be a factor and even though we live in the Bay Area, we do experience micro-climates. The roses we've selected to sell on our SummerWinds’ Boutique were chosen for their beauty, desirability and how well they perform all over the Bay Area. So, while climate is important to consider, you can't go wrong with any our selection of roses.

3. Color – While this is more of a personal preference and for aesthetic purposes, selecting a rose based on color is important. We've chosen 5 of our prettiest and most popular and if these don't pull at your heart, we have an incredible selection of roses in-store so finding the rose to match you should be a breeze.

4. Scent – This may be a pleasant perk to narrowing down your rose choice. Some roses have a strong fragrance, while others have little or no scent at all.

5. Care and Maintenance – Roses these days are not like your Grandma’s roses of yester-year, they are disease resistant and with a little fertilizer and pruning, they are easy to care for.



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Rosa 'ANDeli'


Rosa 'KORbin'


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Rosa 'Ebb Tide'