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Red Karmen Onion

Red Karmen Onions make some of the best sliced onion for burgers, salads, sandwiches and pizza. They are easy to grow and are great for beginner gardeners and experts. Reserve some room in your vegetable garden for these beauties! 

California Garlic

Be the envy of the neighborhood with this classic California Garlic! This variety offers an explosion of flavor and large, zesty cloves with easy-to-peel papery skins. It is easy to grow, highly productive and low maintenance!

White Snowball Onion

White Snowball Onions are flat onions desired for their zesty flavor and their easy-to-grow habit. They can grow up to a pound and they store for months after harvest. Snowball Onions are used in a variety of dishes such as omelets, Mexican dishes, salads and sandwiches.

Chinese Pink Hardneck Garlic

Chinese Pink Hardneck Garlic is a sight to behold once harvested! Its skin takes on a lavender hue while producing large gems of pink cloves. The flavor is represented as a more milder, subtle garlic flavor. 

Yellow Shallots

Do you enjoy cooking? Or have you been searching for ways to elevate your culinary feasts? If so, look no further. These Yellow Shallots are your go-to secret weapon in the kitchen. Yellow Shallots are well known for their crisp texture and offer any dish a deeper flavor.

Elephant Garlic

Elephant Garlic lives up to its name! It produces a vast bulb that is made up of big, individual cloves, which, despite their supersized structure, have a surprisingly mellow taste. Enjoy this garlic roasted for a zesty homemade garlic spread for breads, or vegetable stir frys! 

Yellow Stuttgarter Onion 

Yellow Stuttgarter onions are one of the most common onions in the kitchen and the garden. It is known for its firm skin that allows for a long storage while retaining its juices. It presents a well-rounded flavor that is spicy when eaten raw and become sweet when cooked in your favorite recipes! 

Harvest Blend Garlic

With the Harvest Garlic Blend, its the perfect mix of garlic varieties to keep your dishes delicious. The package includes Elephant, Spanish Roja and California Late selections. From spicy to bold garlic flavors, to mild and delicate flavors, this is the perfect mix to grow and enjoy! 

Killarney Red Garlic

Killarney Red Garlic is a versatile variety that can grow in cold and wet climates. This variety is a dependable grower with large cloves, true garlic flavor and spicy undertones. Killarney Red stores well and will keep up to six months in a dry, cool location.

Spanish Roja Garlic

Spanish Roja Garlic is a well-known heirloom variety and one of the most popular types of garlic due to its reliable growing habit and flavor. Its versatile flavor when cooking lends a big hand to your meals. Whether its pasta, meats, salsas or dips it won't disappoint!